Colors Are Beautiful

Fashion Designer Miami, FL

I started sketching styles at the age of 11. Then at the age of 13 I started learning how to sew in Home Economic class. Then it became an addiction. In high school I sketched my latest styles I own like a lot of portfolios. At the age of 17 I sewed and designed my own costume for a talent show I was in. I made a dress without a pattern. My mom, My ant and my grandma use to sew. You can say that it runs in the family. I learned that my mom designed clothes for my other siblings because clothes were too expensive back in the days. So she cut and sew all of her designs. But I wanted to better my sewing and designing so I took classes at Miami Dade college. I graduated with an associates degree. Then I met Marie Jouberthe in 2008 she taught me how to design my own patterns. Although I still buy patterns from my favorite store Joann Fabrics since I see styles that I like. But I still make them my own. I have done 17 fashion shows and hoping to do at least 20. I am looking for exposure and benefits of doing a showcase. Also to draw more audience to my work of art. The Juwl'z consignment store which is located in Homestead Florida accepted my collections. I sold 18 collections until the store went out of business in December 2015. I like anything that is classy and in style. My thing of fashion is I want girls and women to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. I also want them to feel good about themselves. I like wearing my clothes. I always like it when they ask me Did you made that? I feel so proud to tell them yes I did! The theme behind Colors Are Beautiful is any style that's simple and modest. I don't like styles that are too complex. Although at times I do design clothing that are complex. At times I like to think outside the box. I just love the innovation of fashion. I always have a passion for fashion. My next step is to design menswear and boys-wear. I have been accepted to the Consignment Corner store. I always wanted to work in fashion, I know it will take a lot of time but I will not give up on my dreams. I attended Florida Technical College to study Business and Marketing and Entrepreneurship so I can lean how to manage my business, I always wanted to open my own boutique so people can just walk right in. I am doing a lot of photo shoots using models from out of state to build my career up. Now I am actually sponsoring a model her name is Krystle Ramcald she is doing a an ad campaign and billboard in my designs. So I can’t wait to hear about the updates. Yes she has been modeling for me a lot and I am glad that I chose her to promote my designs. I also have been teaching Fashion Design to people that wanted to learn and I know them very well. I want to get back into that. As of this month of March I have been hired from a client/designer to design swimwear for her line. She is already pleased with my work. She is paying me really good. That’s what I like when I get recommendation for my designs. I have attended Stratford Career Institute Graduated in 2005 I studied Fashion Merchandising and Design and Sewing And Dress Making. Now I am studying Start your Own Business and Business Management. Stratford Career Institute is a good and affordable school. But I wanna learn how to manage my Fashion Business so I can get more serious clients.


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